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Singtel and DocuSign introduce cloud solution for easy document approvals and tracking

Singapore, 31 May, 2017 – Singtel has partnered DocuSign, an industry leader in digital transaction management, to launch a cloud solution that allows for faster document authorisation and more effective tracking, with the use of electronic signatures in secure ways.


Step transform your business operations with the leading digital transaction management platform.

Five ways to start going paperless

One of the biggest issues SMEs tend to face as they get bigger, is the growing pile of paper that accumulates in their storage cabinets. This can pose a problem for archiving, because paper can get damaged and ink fades. On top of that, efficient retrieval gets harder and harder the more physical paperwork is added to the pile, so getting to older records could be a very time-consuming task.

Want to reduce cost and increase security? Use e-signatures

E-signatures are quickly changing how transactions are approved. It is not only a cost-efficient digital solution but it also has the same legal status as handwritten signatures according to the US ‘e-signature bill’ or Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) passed in 2000.  E-signatures are also recognised under the Singapore law since 2010.

How companies can benefit from digitising workflows

How can you benefit by digitising workflow?

Digital Transaction Management enables businesses to conduct and manage document-based transactions without paper. It helps to streamline different workflow processes that can sometimes hinder productivity. DTM can really improve processes that often include the passing of assets between various parties like business and consumer, business and client, and business and employee.

Discuss about security of DTM. And also to mention Singapore’s Electronic Act approves use of e-signatures in courts.

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