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Isolating The Threat

Today, with an evolving threat landscape, the web gateways have morphed into a key component of the cybersecurity defences. If a threat attempts to penetrate the security perimeter through a browser on the network, web gateways can be a key line of defence.

But conventional web gateways can’t match the sophistication of today’s cyber attacks and hackers. Over-reliance on them can put your data, users, customers, organisations and reputations at risk for a number of reasons:

Misclassification of websites

Brokering Security in the Cloud

It’s no secret that when it comes to the cloud and security, most enterprises are sorely lagging, preferring to trust cloud service providers to secure their corporate data.

But as cloud apps become mainstream, accidental transfer of data, theft and infection is a daily reality. If you have a significant investment in the cloud, you need a cloud access security broker (CASB) to protect your cloud-based data.

The Rising Importance Of Data Security

Security remains the number one inhibitor to the adoption of cloud services, and any examination of public cloud resources will find evidence that organizations are struggling to extend visibility and control in public cloud environments. As critical data is increasingly being moved into public cloud computing environments organizations are struggling to maintain basic cybersecurity best practices. The struggle to extend visibility and control in public cloud environments has been documented in a variety of studies in recent years.

8 Cloud Trends to Expect in 2018

Cloud computing has made significant inroads into many organisations in the past few years. What can be expected in 2018? Businesses will continue to use cloud technology to better align with business goals and to progress in their journey towards digital transformation. Look out for these eight cloud trends: What can be expected in 2018?


1. Organisations prefer multi-cloud approach

2. Security concerns drive organisations to cloud architectures

3. SaaS and PaaS will be the fastest growing cloud services

Key consideration for selecting a strategic cloud provider

Since IDC started tracking the cloud market in Asia Pacific in 2008, the number of cloud-based solutions has exploded – as has the range of deployment options. In theory, a CIO could now build the entire operating environment for their business from cloud services and platforms. But few are lucky enough to have the option of a clean slate when building their cloud strategy. For most, it involves the careful assessment of workloads and then matching them to the most appropriate solution.

Cloud Protect Services - Managed Cloud Access Security Broker Service

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Singtel Managed Backup-as-a-Service

A blueprint for the cloud

Disruption now defines business, and there are few managers who haven’t received the memo by now.