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Managed Virtual Private Cloud

Singtel Managed Virtual Private Cloud is a secure and flexible enterprise-grade cloud that lets you harness the power of IT without worrying about procuring, deploying or managing your own IT systems. All infrastructure is virtualised and delivered as a service, fully automated and seamlessly deployed across data centres, clouds and mobile devices.


Dedicated or shared resource pool

  • Offers a consolidated resource pool where business can carve out VMs of various configurations to run different applications.
  • Deliver greater flexibility in managing IT resources to meet unique computing needs, with added freedom to scale the resources as business requirements change.
  • Gives the option of Shared or Dedicated Pool options based on usage, technology and costs requirements.

Choice of storage

  • Depending on your performance requirements, we offer a choice of SATA, Fibre Channel or SSD-based storage options

Connectivity options

  • Choose to connect over the public Internet or Singtel’s Meg@ POP IP-VPN service for your shared or dedicated resource pool
  • Co-location over Cloud L3 Xconnect available
  • Cloud management portal powered by VMWare’s VCloud Director

Cloud Edge Gateways

  • Choose from three gateway tiers: First-tier Edge Gateway (NSX Edge), Second-tier Edge Gateway (vCD Edge) and Third-tier Edge Gateway (vShield Edge)

Value-added services

  • Anti-malware: Protect businesses by subscribing to anti-malware in the VMs, up-to-date patches and anti-virus definitions, to detect and remove computer viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware.
  • Monitoring: Enable businesses to monitor the health of their VMs by tracking CPU usage and more. Send alerts when pre-defined thresholds are breached, empowering timely action to boost resource capacity and ensure system availability.
  • Backup: Enable fast and efficient backup and recovery of tenant VMs to disks via agent based file-level backup. Offering comprehensive backup services that include: disk-to-disk backup and restore: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backup. Leverage deduplication technology to dramatically reduce network traffic and backup window.

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Flexible service schemes and a rich set of value-added services available to meet your needs and budgets.


Trusted cloud expertise with end-to-end capabilities to deploy, manage and optimise your enterprise cloud.


Our enterprise-grade cloud solutions ensure end-to-end security — extending from infrastructure and network protection to data/application assurance to identity and access protection.


Our Cloud Orchestration Management Platform lets you control and manage different cloud platforms for workload migration.

Business Scenarios

Data protection

Protect and manage customer data from file to Hypervisor level. Supports local and offsite (cloud and alternate data centre) data backup to provide resiliency against loss of backup data.

Capacity expansion

The solution can respond quickly during unexpected or seasonal peaks in workload through two online data centre sites for cloud bursting. When demand peaks, the solution delivers agility, scalability and cost efficiencies to increase capacity as and when you need it.

Disaster recovery

Initiate disaster recovery processes over the internet and update mission-critical systems more frequently by replicating virtual machines to Singtel Managed Virtual Private Cloud at intervals to match business requirements.