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Public Cloud

Singtel Managed Public Cloud supports enterprises in their business transformation by offering the most advanced and widely-used public cloud technology in the industry. This is backed by our strong cloud expertise and in-depth understanding of IT needs in the Asian market. With this, enterprises today can just look to a single cloud service provider and choose the managed public cloud infrastructure services that best fit their IT needs.


Compute services

Elastic computing capacity that can be scaled up or down to match dynamic business requirements. This paves the way for easier management of compute resources and delivers greater efficiency, stability and security compared with the deployment of physical servers.

Networking services

Allows enterprises to achieve a logically isolated network in the cloud, establish a private network connection with the cloud with a highly available DNS service, allocate traffic across multiple cloud servers and deliver content to end customers at low latencies.


Public cloud storage allows for infinite expansion of storage capacity without compromising performance and provides extremely high data reliability with triple backups. It is also highly secure with multi-layered protection and logs to track unauthorised access.


Singtel Managed Public Cloud includes a stable, reliable and elastic online database service which can be spun up instantly. It incorporates multiple security features, a performance-monitoring system, automatic failover, and professional database backup, recovery and optimisation.

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Quick deployment

IT resources can be provisioned in minutes, not the months it takes when you set up your own infrastructure

Flexible services

Capability can be scaled up and down to respond to workload requirements

High availability

Automatically capture snapshots of servers for instant recovery

Robust security

Protection with multi-layered security and defence from DDoS attacks

Data redundancy and sovereignty

Multiple copies of backups which are never sent outside data centres in Singapore

Lower cost to entry

Low total cost of ownership and low upfront costs

Business Scenarios

Application/website hosting

Productivity apps and websites require high bandwidth pipes, high availability and auto-scaling capabilities in order to serve end users at scale.

Storage and backup

High-speed, high-throughput access facilitates periodic data migration and replication for back-up and retention strategies.

Disaster recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery ensures business continuity and short Recovery Time Objective (time to restore) in case of outage.

Hybrid cloud deployment

High-bandwidth connectivity combined with high-performance computing services allows customers to use the public cloud as an extension of their data centres.

Big data deployment

Access sophisticated and massive scale data processing technology, without worries about configuration or operation of clusters.