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Private Cloud

Singtel offers a suite of Private Cloud services powered by VMware available in multiple delivery models.  It is offered in a variety of size and performance configurations to suit the simplest to complex workloads to meet customer needs and budgets.


Managed Private Cloud Solutions Architecture


Rapid deployment, Low maintenance, Scalability, Software Defined


Hardware compatibility, Performance, Scalability


Fine-tuned specifications

Ideal for

SMEs, Remote Offices, Small footprint with scalability

Ideal for

Enterprise, DC consolidation, Critical requirements

Ideal for

Large enterprise, High level of customisation

Use cases

Remote ITaaS, Mid-scale applications, App development, Testing

Use cases

VDI, Large-scale apps, High performance computing, App-specific requirements

Use cases

High IOPS and performance, Requirement to meet exact IT needs


VxRail, Nutanix


VBlock, VxBlock, FlexPod


Dell, HP, Cisco, EMC, VMware


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Reduction in ICT spending and lower TCO

With Singtel Managed Private Cloud, you will have access to a central pool of shared resources for both software and infrastructure, which can free up huge capital investments needed to build underlying hardware or software components. As there is no need to procure, monitor and maintain IT resources, IT processes can be simplified to allow you to focus on your core high value creating activities.

Capex to Opex model

With a pay as you go/grow based business model, enterprises can move from a heavy capital investment model to a more agile operating expense driven business model.

Scalable, secure and resilient

Singtel Managed Private Cloud offers the ability to rapidly scale ICT resources whenever it is needed – whether it is for high performance computing and the support of peak load demands, or business continuity and disaster recovery planning via a secured data centre.

Access to the most up-to-date technology

Singtel Managed Private Cloud delivers constant access to the most updated software and hardware technology related to our cloud services. This enables your enterprise to continue to stay ahead in the market and drive ongoing productivity improvements.

Business Scenarios

Strict compliance and sovereignty requirements

Ideal for enterprises that have highly sensitive data, applications and require high performance, consistency and low latency, as well as the need to have control and oversight of IT assets.

Unique business requirements

Suitable for organisations of all sizes including small remote branch offices. Supports VDI solutions through to large scale single application deployments such as ERP systems and other critical workloads.