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Managed Cloud Access Security Broker

Singtel’s Managed Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) service delivers a suite of data security technologies to protect your cloud-based data, whether they are in transit, at rest or in use. It secures both managed and unmanaged devices, enforces policies and granular controls, detects suspicious behaviour and prevents leakage of sensitive data, allowing your business to reap the benefits of cloud apps without compromising security.


Behavioural analytics 

Detect anomalous activity, suspicious logins and policy violations. This provides greater visibility in detecting insider threats and external attacks.

Data encryption 

Data-at-rest is protected with full-strength Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. With searchable and sortable functions, your data is kept fully confidential without compromising performance.

Data loss prevention 

Control and block sensitive content within email messages, file uploads and downloads. This allows data confidentiality, prevent data leakage and ensure compliance.

Digital watermark 

By appending digital watermarks to documents, you can track file views, trace file history, improve corporate auditing and facilitate forensic investigations. This improves corporate audits, assist forensic investigations and trace file history.

Granular access control 

Enforce granular access control policies and contextual 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). This ensures security for all devices accessing cloud apps.

Malware protection 

Scan for malware threats across every upload and download, and execute data-at-rest scanning to prevent the spread of malware through cloud and email. This helps mitigate the spread of malwares.

Mobile remote wipe 

Remotely wipe corporate data on mobile devices using ActiveSync protocol. This ensures privacy of sensitive business data and compliance for BYOD devices. 

Data loss protection

Prevent the potential loss of sensitive data with features such as encryption, remote wipe, watermarking and file tracking. 

Cloud visibility

Gain complete, real-time visibility over devices, data movement and application usage. Conduct detailed forensic investigations to support decision making and consolidate security events.

Preserve privacy and user experience

Empower your employees to access across any device without privacy issues, while preserving cloud application functionalities, operational efficiencies and user experience.

Ease of deployment

Fast and easy deployment via agentless solution, without the hassle of software installations or network reconfiguration.
Business Scenarios

Protect against advanced malware

  • Scan all uploads, downloads and incoming email for dangerous malware, and ensure that cloud services do not become the ‘weakest link’ in your company’s security.

Manage access to cloud applications

  • Apply granular access controls based on contextual information. 
  • Block login attempts instantly from a lost device, and notify IT administrator of any unauthorised logins from suspicious geo-locations, as well as consecutive login failures.

Prevent sensitive data exposure

  • Real-time inline detection and prevention of sensitive data being uploaded to file-sharing services or being downloaded to unmanaged devices, to avoid compliance violations.
  • Mitigate data breaches by encrypting all uploaded documents to prevent hackers from viewing file content.

Secure mobile device fleet

  • Comply with corporate BYOD policies without cumbersome MDM systems. 
  • Enforce mobile security policies easily via passcode complexity, screen auto-lock and device encryption. 
  • Remotely wipe corporate data on lost devices 

  • Avoid privacy and usability issues that can arise from agent-based MDM systems.