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Managed Web Isolation Service

Gartner research has shown that over 90% of cyber-attacks originate from the Web and email1. With your web browser being possibly the weakest link in your enterprise information security, your endpoints, devices and end users can be compromised — when connecting to the Internet to search for information or download a document for reference.

Singtel’s Managed Web Isolation Service executes all potentially harmful web browsing code, email content and attachments in a remote and safe environment, preventing cyber threats from reaching your endpoints and end users.  This enables your end users to surf without fear, while minimising the administrative overhead of managing complex security exceptions.

1 Gartner, 30 September 2016: It's Time to Isolate Your Users From the Internet Cesspool With Remote BrowsingGartner, 30 September 2016: It's Time to Isolate Your Users From the Internet Cesspool With Remote Browsing


Web isolation

Render web content remotely and return a safe visual stream to the end user’s web browser.

Document isolation

Open online documents in a remote viewer and scan for malware when download is initiated

URL filtering

Block access to web content based on pre-defined categories


Disable all input fields when a website might be unsafe and prevent submission of sensitive data over an insecure (non-https) connection

User action control

Log and control end user actions such as copy, paste, print, and save

Risk free traffic

Ensure all traffic between web browser and the Internet is risk free with protection against drive-by infection, malvertising and cross-site scripting attacks.

IT resources optimised

Reduced IT administrative overheads related to managing web access policy exceptions, support tickets, security alerts (false positives and false negatives) and forensic investigations.

Business productivity increased

End users are granted safe access to uncategorised websites without risks.

Ease of deployment

Fast and easy deployment with no software or browser plug-in required on end user’s devices; and seamless integration with existing security infrastructures and services.
Business Scenarios

Enable safe access to uncategorised websites

  • Redirect end user’s browsing sessions of risky websites to the isolation platform for 'sandboxing', which creates an ‘air-gap’ between the Web and end users — similar to viewing a ‘fire’ behind a pane of glass.

Prevent email phishing attacks by restricting file uploads to uncategorised websites

  • Educate and prohibit users from uploading files, which may contain corporate credentials and other sensitive information, to potentially unsafe or uncategorised websites by rendering webpages in read-only mode — despite granting access.

Mitigate web browser exploits

  • Execute original web content in a secure, containerised environment and return only a clean visual stream to the end user's browser for display. This prevents any malicious code from reaching the endpoint or end user devices directly, thus eliminating the web browser’s attack vector.

Protect against malicious downloads

  • Download selected document types to the isolation platform for scanning and sanitising before activating the ‘downloaded connection’ on the end user’s browser. For greater protection, end users can choose to download the documents in PDF format.