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Advisory, Migration & Managed Service

Advise, Transform and Operate the overheads of technology infrastructure, cost and operations – and respond proactively throughout your cloud journey.


Advise (Day 0)

Singtel Certified Cloud Architects work in partnership with customers to understand their business goals and IT needs through a series of workshops and discovery assessments. These include a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis on the level of potential savings of moving to the cloud, discovery and mapping of existing network environment, operations and billing policies, and identifying current applications to move to the cloud. Singtel Certified Cloud Architects will then design a cloud strategy and roadmap tailored for each organisation.

Transform (Day 1)

Conducting cloud architecture design, deployment, migration and integration of solutions, including DevOps implementation services. Our certified Cloud Architects and engineers will choose from a range of public, private and virtual private cloud solutions to suit different business needs, and deploy a flexible hybrid cloud model that complements your existing IT.

Operate (Day 2)

With Liquid Platform, you can manage your cloud resources or engage the Singtel Cloud Lifecycle Services team to do so on your behalf based on stipulated service level agreements (SLAs). These range from infrastructure, data, applications and database management, helpdesk, reporting and capacity management to cost management insights and profiling studies to better optimise cost.

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Enjoy single point of contact

As both your CSP and consultant, we help you gain more control over your cloud investment by leveraging Singtel Cloud Lifecycle Services Team’s certified experience and knowledge.

Lower risks of failure

Benefit from an optimally designed cloud infrastructure that maximises efficiencies and cost savings. We strive to understand your business/IT challenges and key milestones as well as to empower and work alongside you to create a seamless cloud strategy that meets your needs.

Faster execution

Enjoy faster implementation and execution with proven methodologies and best practices. By dealing with one vendor, speed time-to-value when eliminating time spent liaising with multiple vendors. Reduce miscommunication due to mismatch of consultation with implementation and management. This facilitates agility, speed and rapid innovation for your organisation.

Optimise IT resources and cloud infrastructure spend

Free your limited IT resources from tactical, day-to-day management of cloud architecture, so you can focus on core IT functions that ensure business connectivity and avoid costly downtime. Gain better visibility and control over your cloud infrastructure spend with enhanced visibility via monthly reports that go beyond raw data. Enjoy peace of mind with advice by cloud consultants on ways to optimise cloud spend and infrastructure, to prevent overspending or under utilisation.

Business Scenarios

Plugging a limited cloud skillset

Many companies lack the confidence and expertise to handle the risks and complexities of cloud adoption in-house. Our certified experts can help plan, design and build cloud solutions.

Addressing different cloud maturity levels

It does not matter which level of cloud maturity you are at. We can help you accelerate your cloud journey, so that you can reap the most benefits from the cloud.

Reducing risk

Any IT migration comes with inherent risks, ranging from costs, duration and disruption to production IT systems and business operations. Proven methodologies, sound programme management and experienced experts can ease the business transformation journey.

Overcome scalability limitations

Some businesses lack the scalability for an enterprise-wide implementation. Working with Certified Cloud Architects is an effective way to improve an organisation’s IT structure.

Visibility over cloud infrastructure spend

Singtel Cloud Lifecycle Services help prevent overspending or under-utilisation by providing valuable insights on existing cloud spend for better long-term cloud investment planning.