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Cloud-enabled Data Centres

Singtel's network of eight world-class data centres offers a secure and robust environment to host mission-critical systems, along with a full range of business continuity services that ensures your critical business functions would carry on, rain or shine.



  • Flexible deployment to suit business needs
  • Full 2N Power redundancy
  • Inter-DC connectivity for cloud-readiness

Multi-tier security (KCTC-1 and -2 data centres)

  • Robust security for access control and authentication
  • Perimeter fencing with intrusion detection systems deployed 
  • CCTV monitoring at common corridors and infrastructure areas 
  • Monitoring of health of network, facility and security by NOC and BMC 
  • Fire/police stations within 5 km or 15-minutes drive, with fire detection monitoring
  • Ample fuel reserves to ensure full support in emergencies

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  • Data centre facility with diverse and physically isolated power systems ensure continuous operation
  • Round-the-clock security systems and measures for peace of mind
  • Access to multiple telecommunication exchanges for maximum connectivity options
  • Latest green technologies and best practices to give you the most reliable, cost-effective and ecologically responsible facility for your business growth
  • Full range of business continuity and disaster recovery services
Business Scenarios


Scalability, security and maintenance make colocation a cost-effective business model. Companies have the option of adjusting the amount of data centre space as needed, and paying for their usage. As a result, resources can be optimised without building new facilities or wasting space in their current locations.

IoT and Big Data

The "Internet of Things" is expected to play an expected role in the data centre market, both as a producer of data and part of the colocation ecosystem in supplying IP-connected temperature and humidity sensors, power meters and CPUs for operational server data transmission. Colocation facilities also act as aggregation and processing point for clients' IoT data.


The Cloud is seen as the single most important variable in driving the need for data centres as infrastructure is becoming the major access point to cloud services.