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Cloud Connectivity

Singtel Cloud Connectivity Suite offers multiple options for direct and secure access to major public clouds. Built with diverse connectivity and redundant options, Singtel Cloud Connect offers fast, secure and reliable connectivity to public clouds, and ensures high availability and throughout with flexible bandwidth options for an enhanced cloud networking experience.


Enterprises can choose between IPVPN and Ethernet for a seamless, secure and private connection to major public cloud providers.

Cloud Connect (IPVPN)

Secure and direct access to leading public cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud through Singtel’s award-winning IPVPN network

Cloud Connect (Ethernet)

Leverages Singtel’s carrier-grade network engineered to deliver low latency connection between data centers and leading public clouds. Easily access and move workloads seamlessly through a secure web portal anytime, from anywhere.


Seamless connectivity

Cloud Connect provides quick and easy access to leading public cloud providers over pre-established connection, enabling enterprises to manage their multi-cloud strategy.


A private connection to the cloud that bypasses the Internet reduces risk of cyber-attack, providing businesses with a stable and secure network.

Flexible and Scalable

Singtel offers flexible term and usage-based billing that allows enterprises to activate and scale the cloud connections to match their business needs.

High reliability

Built on Singtel’s extensive private backbone, Cloud Connect comes with built-in resilience to assure enterprises of stable, low latency and consistence performance.

Business Scenarios

By leveraging on our enterprise grade network service, your business can build and manage a secure, high performance and responsive infrastructure to address some of today’s top business needs:

1. Managing a multi-cloud strategy

Extend your corporate network to seamlessly access the world’s cloud services

2. Handling of highly sensitive data

Securely move workloads between cloud services without ever having to access the open internet

3. Reliability when it comes to business-critical operations

Access built-in resiliency with the highest class of service level assurance for high reliability, faster processing & improved performance

4. Match the network to your cloud needs

Express provision of network services to response to your cloud demands