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Enterprise Digital Transformation

In a highly-connected world, where connected devices like smartphones and sensors already outnumber the human population, enterprises will need to transform radically to meet the growing demands of consumers and businesses – and manage the data deluge. Cloud computing will play a key role in enabling this transformation.

Underlying your organisation’s ability to digitally transform are enablers such as modernising infrastructure, accommodating smart devices, internet-of-things sensors, innovative applications and exploiting data for new insights.

We understand that your business needs to deliver growth and profit and that you need innovation, speed and agility to deliver this. 

A key facilitator of these things is the Cloud – IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) – helping you to do more with less and do it faster.

Singtel’s vision for cloud is to enable your digital transformation journey with enterprise-grade ITaaS that will deliver compelling business outcomes. It’s an exciting time for most businesses, with lots of change, opportunity and risks. We aim to work with you to make your cloud journey simpler.


Why More Enterprises Are Moving To The Cloud

With the proliferation of enterprises migrating to the cloud, it’s necessary to understand the reasons behind this move. Ultimately, it’s the underlying business needs that determine the organisation’s decision and events.

Application transformation and modernisation
  • Platform migration to cloud environment
  • Rebuild with a more compliant infrastructure
Data centre consolidation and centralisation
  • Low risk with infrastructure migration
  • Better utilisation of hardware and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Enterprises Operate In The World Of Many (Hybrid) Clouds

A one-cloud solution doesn’t always suit all organisations. That’s because major decisions or events that occur should be in line with your organisation’s business needs.

For a start, examine your applications, data and workloads and their related considerations. With most organisations using web-facing applications, it’s necessary to consider their elasticity and cost per usage. Mission-critical applications - essential to an organisation’s survival – should allow for customisation and high availability. Your organisation’s sensitive databases also require robust data security and access, as well as data sovereignty.

These factors would then drive your IT requirements to a combination of the following cloud solutions:

  • Public cloud
  • Off-premise Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that are dedicated or shared
  • On-premise Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC)


Challenges Enterprises Face When Adopting A Hybrid Cloud

But for many organisations, cloud adoption is often seen as a technology change. And because of that, few have been able to unlock the transformational benefits of cost reduction, increased agility, speed and innovation. Enterprises also face key challenges in cloud adoption, which include:

  1. Security How to ensure adequate security policies are in place and practices are implemented consistently across hybrid cloud environments
  2. Data and application integration Applications need to gracefully handle individual components residing in different parts of a hybrid cloud
  3. Compatibility How to effectively deal with mismatches that surface between different infrastructure and software stacks
  4. Tooling and skillset Need for personnel that are proficient in the areas of infrastructure, applications and business processes to remake IT while taking advantage of the cloud model


Singtel also partners with an ecosystem of providers, service integrators and technology vendors to ensure enterprises receive a robust and well-crafted roadmap and strategy for successful cloud adoption.

Singtel’s cloud portfolio comprises three cloud deployment models: Managed Private CloudManaged Virtual Private Cloud and Managed Public Cloud. We also offer services such as Advisory, Transformation and Operations to support you at every stage in your cloud adoption lifecycle. Rounding up our offerings are four key enablers: cloud security, cloud-enabled data centres, and managed connectivity, our hybrid cloud management portal that enables the hybrid journey for our customers.

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